August Big Fish - Shaair & Func ‘Mantis’ exclusive preview!’s ‘Mantis’ exclusive preview!

Catch the worldwide exclusive premiere of the much awaited third album ‘Mantis’ from the duo of Shaair and Func, only on’s Big Fish Channel this August!

Unquestionably one of the most successful Indian independent acts in the country right now, we bring to you the magic carpet ride that is the experience called Shaair + Func.

Over the last three years, they’ve bagged themselves some major awards and brought out two commercially successful albums- ‘New Day: The Love Album’ and ‘Light Tribe’. Their third, titled ‘Mantis’ is all wrapped up and ready for release.

And here’s the best part- we’ve already got the music, and it’s playing out loud, on the airwaves, especially for you!


Indulge in this creative high called Shaair + Func, throughout August, exclusively on

Shaair and Func’s ‘Mantis’ (2010)

Track list:

  1. We’re not alone
  2. Hyperbole
  3. Take it personally
  4. Prophecy
  5. Everytime you’re around
  6. My Roots
  7. Freeze you
  8. Love Love Love
  9. Shine
  10. Sexy Scam
  11. Goodbye Cruel World


Check out the director's cut of 'Every time your around'- the first music video from the S + F album 'Mantis':


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