Big Fish for April 2014 - Blues Conscience

"The reflection of the world is blues, that's where that part of the music is at. Then you got this other kind of music that's tryin' to come around." - Jimi Hendrix

Blues Conscience was started in 2008 to promote the blues in today's rock and metal influenced live music culture.  They began with the intent to promote the blues as a genre in today’s rock and metal dominated Indian music scene. Thus, Blues Conscience began its journey to rediscover and reintroduce the blues back in 2008.


Anek Ahuja
Bass & Vocals

He's been playing bass, for many years, but keep it simple as he says, and he sing songs, with influences from Buddy Guy, Ray Charles. On more sober times, he run an Advertising/Design Agency called Whoa Mama Design.

Aum Janakiram
Guitars & Vocals

He's been influenced by the grooviest licks of Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and SRV ever since he was a kid and have been at it perfecting the art of blues. He loves playing to the mood of the audience whether it’s packing a punch or soothing their soul, every show is different and that’s what keeps him fresh with ideas. A song writer/producer by heart, he has also performed with Tin Leaf, No Idea, LBG & Bonfire Collective.

Neil Smith

He is the guy who loves to just groove and hold everything together & he is influenced by drummers like Ringo Star, Steve Jordan,Steve Gadd who have taught him to keep it simple.

Maarten Visser

Maarten Visser originally from Holland, now a resident of Chennai, is one of the most talented Jazz Saxaphonist in India. He has a 3 piece band of his own, that does some of the greatest jazz shows all over India. Maarten likes to come to other side of the river and have some fun, with the blues boys, when he’s not Recording & Composing, on the Saxaphone..     
  Sid Kumar

As an 5th grade pianist, Siddharth Kumar has been embedded himself into the roots of blues ever since he can remember. With influences similar to the band, Sid has definitely added the 4th dimension to the music and has found himself feeling the blues more than ever. Siddharth also plays with hindi rock band Udhaan & Jack, Johnnie and the Ol' Monk.


Buddy Guy
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Jimi Hendrix
B.B king
Eric Clapton
Muddy Waters
Ray Charles
Howlin Wolf


"I guess music, particularly the blues, is the only form of schizophrenia that has organised itself into being both legal and beneficial to society." Alexis Korner.

Blues Conscience released their debut EP in 2010 which was massively eulogized for their refreshingly original style and brazen lyrical work with songs like Kamasutra, Shaggin’ Ma Dog, and Obama which received high plaudit from everyone.

Blues Conscience in 2012, brought on board L.A.-based guitar virtuoso and producer Ed Degenaro to work on “Down and Dirty”—the official Blues Conscience album with 14 original songs and collaborations features some amazing blues musicians.

"If you can't dig the blues, you got a hole in your soul."

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