Big Fish for April - Pentagram




This April, takes you to a Bombay that you haven't visited... gives you a perspective that you did not know existed. We take you to 'Bloodywood' through the music of PENTAGRAM.

All April, tune in to and watch this space on Platform News for all the news and updates on PENTAGRAM'S newest album- something that promises to change the landscape of Indian rock forever.


Few Indian artists have been as crucial to the change in the Indian musical landscape as Pentagram. Fewer have been able to represent it better. Easily India’s biggest and most popular act, Pentagram has defined an almost cultural transformation. Pioneers and protagonists of a scene desperately seeking its own heroes, Pentagram has, since its formation in 1994, been the champion of an important movement; an underground that they’ve carried into our nation’s collective consciousness.

Fronted by the inimitable Vishal Dadlani, the band is a collaboration of some incredibly talented musicians. Randolph Correia, one of the most prolific guitarists in the country, is at the steering wheel of this monster truck, breaking boundaries and conceptions of genres on a path that several have tried to follow. Bassist Papal Mane lays the foundation of this measured assault while Shiraz Bhattacharya, stoic behind the drum kit, is the backbone.

The Pentagram steamroller powers on, and if you’re not on board for what will most certainly be the ride of your life, get out of the way.





Bloodywood. Strange name. Catches the eye, no matter where you're from. Which is sorta why we chose it. More than that, through all the thought we've put into it, and through all the chats we've had about it, it's come to mean the exact conceptual counterpoint, or even antidote, to the overwhelming mainstream.
We're more ourselves now. Our biggest influence on this record has been our city, our people, our surroundings our lives. Songs like Mental Zero and Tomorrow's Decided could only be from Bombay, they could not have come from anywhere else in the world. And yet, they can all be played to audiences anywhere in the world, and will give'em a taste of our energy, our city and our identity.

Basically the album is a sonic slice of the other side of Bombay, India, Or as we like to call it, Bloodywood.



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Photographs courtesy Kunal Kakodkar.