Big Fish for April - The Shakey Rays

This summer, we feature a band from the land of the blazing sun. We're talking about Chennai, and the trio who call themselves The Shakey Rays. So raise your glasses of some ice-cold-whatevers to some good Indie rock 'n roll! 


The Shakey Rays are a D.I.Y Indie Rock n Roll unit that combine the ancient traditions of Rhythm ‘n’ Blues and swing with the aggressive energy and attitude of Garage Rock and Punk.

The Shakey Rays is the project of Dhruva Gautham (guitars, vocals),  Vikram Kannan (guitars, vocals) and Niranjan Swaminathan (drums).

Songwriting duo Dhruva Gautham and Vikram Kannan disbanded their first band, Easy Street, and got together with drummer Niranjan Swaminathan to write songs raw and rooted in Rhythm 'n' Blues, exploring various arrangements and musical patterns - with an approach that is fresh and contemporary.

Their songwriting sensibilities draw from the ancient traditions of Rhythm ‘n’ Blues and Swing, and are presented with the aggressive energy and attitude of Garage Rock and Punk. The live act is explosive and impulsive, setting the band apart in the Indian Indie circuit.


They released their debut album 'Tunes From The Big Belly' in August 2011. They toured the country with guest bassist Tiburtius Rubin in July 2012. The band is currently in the process of recording 
singles for immediate release, and have begun work on their second album.

The Shakey Rays will be releasing some newer material very soon, so watch this space for details!


the band manages to hit that sweet spot between the old and the new, taking these incredibly familiar sounds and reworking them to fit into a modern context. They’re not ‘retro’ these boys, they’re vintage.
- Nh7

(the album) has a striking, unique sound that stands out from the majority of Indian bands playing ear pounding metal or groove based funk music.
- The Times of India

Indian Rock MP3, a popular independent music platform placed their album in the top five releases of 2011.

Independent music blog The Knife rated the band the Best New Artist of the year 2011.


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