Big Fish for August - Adam and the Fish Eyed Poets




This August is about the blues... and a whole lot of other elements that have been skilfully blended with it to turn into a cocktail that gives you the perfect musical high!

Our Big Fish for the month is Adam and the Fish Eyed Poets- a one-man band from Chennai.


Adam and the Fish Eyed Poets is a Blues band based in Chennai. Kishore Krishna is the brain behind the music, lyrics and everything else associated with this project. Adam and the Fish Eyed Poets will not bore you with lenghthy band biographies describing line-up changes and other yawn-worthy material.

Instead, Adam and the Fish Eyed Poets will give you music, and just that. So far, there have been two albums released, both critically acclaimed and with good reason.




All month, this space will carry updates, fascinating artwork, interviews and more with Adam and the Fish Eyed Poets. So stick around. This promises to be good!

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