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This December, salutes one of the decade's biggest acts in Indian metal- heavyweights Kryptos.

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With over a decade under their belts and considered by many to be one of the pioneers of the burgeoning metal underground in India, Kryptos has spearheaded the steady rise of Indian heavy metal over the years.


Kryptos came together in 1998 and since then, they’ve strived to create original, melodic metal, which combines the aesthetics of 80s thrash and pure melodic metal. Influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden along with heavy hitters like Coroner, Kreator, Candlemass, Dark Tranquillity and Nevermore, Kryptos manage to channel these influences into a sound that is all their own.



Kryptos released their debut album ‘Spiral Ascent’ in 2004. The album quickly spread through the underground circuit in India, and also as well as countries like Germany, Argentina and other parts of Europe. The album’s cover art was done by Dark Tranquillity's Niklas Sundin, and the album itself was a tour de force of gritty melodic heavy metal.

Even prior to the album’s release, Kryptos was one of the biggest metal acts India had seen in a long time. In addition, ‘Spiral Ascent’ helped garner more dedicated fans globally.


In April 2006, Kryptos signed with Old School Metal Records from California, U.S.A, thus becoming the first metal band from India to be signed by an international label. They entered the studios later that year and recorded their storming second album, ‘The Ark Of Gemini’ which finally released in mid-2008.

The album, without doubt, was and still remains one of Indian metal’s most significant and powerful releases. Tracks like “Heretic Supreme” and “Tower of Illusions” displayed a passion that is still unparalleled and which raised the ante in every way possible. 


‘The Ark of Gemini’ landed Kryptos endorsement deals with Mapex Drums, ESP Guitars and Vic Firth Drumsticks. The band opened for Iron Maiden at Rock'n India 2009, and more recently went on a tour around Europe, headlining the Rock Marathon Festival in Hungary alongside Mayhem, Primordial, Pro-Pain, Konflikt, Xandria and many other legendary names.





                                   NOLAN LEWIS                         JAYAWANT TEWARI                     RYAN COLACO                    ROHIT CHATURVEDI




Here's a video of Kryptos performing at Germany:



KRYPTOS: News Feed

>> The band has just signed a worldwide publishing deal with Enorm Music, which is the publishing arm of ICS/Wacken. This is a major milestone for the band, which will spread our music to countries all over the planet.

>> Kryptos will be performing live all this December throughout Bangalore on the following dates:

Dec 12th – Live at Kyra at the Wacken Metal Battle (India)
Dec 18th – Live at The Great Indian Rock Festival (supporting Meshuggah)
Dec 31st – New Year's celebration (Details TBA)

>> The metallers have just finished writing their third album and are currently ironing out minute details as well as coming up with ideas for the artwork. The album title and tracklist will be announced shortly, so watch this space!




The monthly Big Fish contest is now open! Win some great Kryptos merchandise by just answering this very simple question...

Who has worked on the album art for Kryptos' first album 'Spiral Ascent'?

a) Melvyn Grant (Iron Maiden)
b) Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquillity)
c) Joachim Luetke (Kreator)

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