Big Fish for February - B L O T




This February, we celebrate art. We celebrate music. We celebrate the Basic Love of Things.

This February, we celebrate B.L.O.T.

All month, on the Big Fish page, we give you music, photographs, videos, interviews and a lot more from

one of India's biggest electronica acts.


BLOT is an acronym for the Basic Love of Things, which is the essence of the group's philosophy which is expressed through their experiments with Music, Film, Art and Design.

Started in 2007, B.L.O.T. is an acclaimed mixed media performance- a creative collective that creates experiences and transforms spaces through live performances, comprising of sound, light, imagery and art.



B.L.O.T. is:


Avinash Kumar- A designer, film maker and photographer and this helps him with Vjing with BLOT, he is also one of the founding members of design + research firms- Quicksand,and BOXX Design, amongst other things.

Gaurav Malaker- He is a Musician and started working with music as a DJ at 15, and progressed to producing electronic music after training under Point blank studios, UK, He is the co -owner of the New Delhi based electronic music label - Qilla Records. Gaurav also plays the drums and hand based percussion instruments and is a qualified lawyer. We are currently working on manifests of our creative work though DVD content, Audio releases, and art.

Here's a video of B.L.O.T. at Barish Festival, New Delhi:



B.L.O.T.: News Feed

February 13: SkyBar, Bangalore
February 20: IiLM, Pebbles Banglore
February 24-27: TechnoDrome Festival, EyeMyth, Beat Repeat
March 5: Kolkata
March 17-22: SXSW Austin, USA
April 18-30: Europe Tour, TBA

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