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Skrat (intentionally misspelt to avoid copyright issues) is a creature so resolute that unfazed by its multiple near-death experiences, goes after what it wants without a moment's hesitation. But that's not why they are called 'Skrat'. The name occurred to their drummer years ago during one of his many moments of whimsy, and it stuck!

It all started off in July 2006. The foursome of Chirrag, Satish, Tapass and Sriram TT had just started college and were therefore quite jobless. So they decided to get together and see what music they could come up with. They then roped in Siddarth Hande to front the band with his vocal skills and played their first ever show on July 21st 2006 at the Unwind Center, Chennai. 

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They fortunately hit it off with that first gig itself, but the inevitable line-up changes happened. Sriram, AKA TT, who earlier handled only rhythm guitar duties, took over even the vocals. Soon, the band started writing a lot more music, and grew in popularity in their home town as well as elsewhere in the country. 

However, in 2008, the band had a bad show, and this was followed by a decision to revamp the whole project. The boys from Skrat set out to find their own sound and direction. The years 2008 and 2009 saw Skrat’s growth into what it is today. The end of 2009 saw a second change in the band’s line up when Abhinav “Booby” Krishnaswamy took over from Chirrag as the lead Guitarist. 

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Skrat released their debut album 'Design' in 2009, and this introduced everyone to the definitive Skrat sound. The album was widely appreciated, and the boys will be soon following it up with their second release 'Bring Out the Guns'. The first couple of singles were recently released online, and the band has also announced a collaboration with upcoming singer Shakthisree Gopalan for one of the tracks. 

In 2013, Skrat is all geared up for their next adventure with their sophomore album 'Bring out the Big Guns', and the band says that they intend to "travel to the ends of the earth looking for it".

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