Big Fish for February - Sky Rabbit


An introduction to Sky Rabbit...

Six-year-old Mumbai-based Sky Rabbit (formerly known as Medusa) defines their sound as electronic/alternative. A formidable quartet of Mumbai’s most gifted youth, Raxit (Vocals/Samples), Rahul (Guitar/Samples), Siddharth (Bass) and Harsh (Drums) have stumbled upon something unique, merging electronica with indie and post-punk styles.


In 2008, Sky Rabbit was selected as one of the four bands in India to be part of British Council Soundpad, where they got a chance to record two tracks with legendary producer John Leckie (Radiohead, Pink Floyd, The Verve) at Yash Raj Studios in Mumbai. After which, in 2009, they performed at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton and continued their UK tour to Cardiff, Oxford, Liverpool and London.

Why 'Sky Rabbit'? “The name Sky Rabbit has a lot to do with the fact that it is such an imaginative name, which is very important to our music. It gives us the freedom to do what we want with our music,” says guitarist Rahul.


The Album...

The four-piece indie/post-punk band that recently changed its name from Medusa to Sky Rabbit has just launched it's first self-titled album on 10th January, 2012.

The band members have worked on this album over the last one year, with co-producer Ashish Manchanda of Flying Carpet Productions, who is a renowned sound mixing and recording engineer for various Bollywood and Hollywood films including The Chronicles of Narnia (2005), Dev D (2009) and the currently popular music TV show, MTV Unplugged.

EMI Virgin Records India has come on board to support their debut album with marketing and distribution under their record label. The album has been available across all music stores in major cities from 10th January, 2012 and is also available for digital download on iTunes and other online platforms.

The 9-track album is a set of tightly constructed tracks that blend synthetic textures with more organic instrumentation, creating a sound that is bold, experimental and ultimately captivating and addictive.


The music...

“Sometimes it starts from a loop, sometimes it starts from a single riff of an acoustic guitar. And then everything around it falls into place. A lot of electronic samples have been used in parts where we wanted to fill the space and create good flow,” says Raxit, on the songwriting process on the album.

What Sky Rabbit is known for is their ability to play around with every sound as an idea, an idea that can come from live instrumentation or electronic samples -- anything that best fits what their song needs. And they have gradually developed this sound into a multi-layered genre, one that’s unique to their band - mellow, intense and happy all at once -- complemented with great lyrics that usually take inspiration from the band members’ personal space and opinion.

This new album symbolises the beginning of a new brand of music the band has evolved into over the last few years -- completely away from their progressive metal days as Medusa. And the rechristening of the band was the final touch needed to complete their old musical journey and start the new one. This self-titled album represents Sky Rabbit’s evolution from an engaging live act to a band that’s equally capable in the studio, and exposes their creative prowess and dexterity as recording artists.

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