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This January, we salute one of the country's most popular rock and roll bands  - Parikrama.

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Indian rock and roll has only one synonym- Parikrama.

Parikrama is based in New Delhi and officially came into being on the 17th of June, 1991. They decided to call themselves Parikrama which means “orbital revolutions” in Sanskrit.




Parikrama is:

Nitin Malik on Vocals, Sonam Sherpa on Guitars, Saurabh Chaudhry on Guitars, Subir Malik on Keyboards, Chintan Kalra on Bass, Srijan Mahajan on Drums.

Also Featuring :
Imran Khan on Violins, Shambhunath Bhattacharya on Tablas/Percussions                                                                                               


This 2011, Parikrama celebrates 20 years of being together, and we celebrate their 20 years of rocking India by crowning them our Big Fish for January 2011.

Though they are yet to release a full-length album, they did release a free multimedia CD of their singles and videos in 2001. Unlike other artists, Parikrama does not have any policies against their music being copied and distributed. All their music is available for download on their official website.



Photograph by Shiv Ahuja

Parikrama’s trademark is the way they fuse Indian classical music instruments like the mridangam, tabla and flute with conventional instruments like the guitar, drums and keyboards. They have been inspired and influenced by the likes of Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and The Doors. 



Parikrama's music video for their latest single "One":


"One" is based on the killings and sufferings of ordinary people as a result of terrorism and other causes. This song was written after the series of unfortunate incidents on 26/11 which left Mumbai shattered.

The lyrics for "One" are here:

All is lost, seek within, all that makes us one,
and all alike.
We are stems, of trees in wind, the same blood, flesh and bone they cant divide.
A grim dark shadows' fallen on our little home
I pick the pieces walking on
The wails and sorrow do lament who've flown away
but also makes us strong and come together

A grim dark shadows' fallen on our little home
I pick the pieces walking on
The wails and sorrow do lament who've flown away
but also makes us strong and come together

Someday I could take the time, ponder over,
Realize I could have made a better today
Maybe i could fake a smile, pretend that all is fair and right And go on walking blind on my way
The trees and sand will be together, talkin' about how we could never
Let ourselves be part of better days
mourning degradation and the permanence of darkened life
Waiting for when all is lost again...

Photographs courtesy Piyush Singh

Parikrama: News Feed


>> Parikrama will play a concert in Washington DC, at Kennedy Centre, on the 11th of March 2011 (Friday).

>> Performance dates for January:

25th - NEW DELHI (Only by invitation)
30th - JAIPUR (NIT)


Click here to download Parikrama's hit single "One".

Click here to download Parkirama's first big hit "But it Rained".

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Shiv says 26-Mar-2011

Hi, The black and white image of Parikrama playing live at Eastwind music festival has been used without persmission, and there is no photo-credit to me either. Please get in touch with me about this asap. Thanks, Shiv