Big Fish for July- Baiju Dharmajan

Baiju Dharmajan...

Baiju Dharmajan is no new name to music lovers in India. Previously, he was associated with Carnatic rock act Motherjane, and also majorly responsible for their fan base. He is also a music producer, and has just released his debut solo album titled 'Crossover'. Everyone knows the sound of his guitar, and Baiju commands an unparalleled fan base across India, being one of the best and most unique guitar players to have surfaced in the country in the last decade. His unique ability to infuse a mighty distinctiveness while giving life to hard-hitting distorted grooves as well as mellifluous clean tone melodic rhythms is the reason why he has not only become a guitar hero for hundreds around the country, but has also influenced the guitar playing in many upcoming bands.

Voted twice as the best guitarist at the Jack Daniel’s Awards, there are elements in Baiju’s guitar playing that satisfies every one among the followers of Metal, Hard Rock, Fusion, Progressive, Blues or highly technical variants of rock music. The effortlessness displayed while making his guitar weep through the soul stirring patterns has enabled him to etch a stature that has resulted him getting more occupied that ever before.

His work...

Starting his professional guitar playing career in the year 1980 at Kollam district, Baiju Dharmajan first came into the public domain and proved his prominence through various famous live eastern music troupes throughout the state of Kerala.

Baiju’s first serious association with rock music bands happened after he shifted his base to his home town in Cochin. Starting off with bands like Instincts, B Positive, Wrenz and Aatma, Baiju soared into the limelight like never before as the spine and the centre of attraction of Motherjane. ‘Insane Biography’ and ‘Maktub’ composed by Baiju Dharmajan are considered two of the most mature and musically inspiring records in the Indian rock music industry.

'The Crossover'

Released in June 2012 though Cochym, ‘The Crossover’ is the first solo album for ace Indian guitarist Baiju Dharmajan. Recorded at Baiju’s home studio Mystic Island Studio and ‘Liquid Music Studio’ based in Kochi, the album is composed and produced by Baiju Dharmajan and mastered by Ty Degroff of The Final Sound, U.S.A. The album features artwork by internationally acclaimed Illustrator, Archan Nair.

Music production

With his expertise in producing two full length hugely acclaimed albums for Motherjane, Baiju Dharmajan is now concentrating more on helping young bands produce music records. His first project was for the Vypin Island based new Instrumental act Kaav. The band’s debut EP consisting of three songs produced by Baiju was rated as the best EP to have released in Indian during 2010 by the music web portal Presently he is working with Kaav again as their music producer for the band’s debut album of eight song. He is also in talks with several other bands across the country to take charge of their sound production.


For the Television series Dewarists (2011), which is a part music documentary and part travelogue, Baiju Dharmajan collaborated with acclaimed New York based multi percussionist, composer and producer Karsh Kale and Kerala based Edakka drum player, exponent and music activist Njeralathu Harigovindan . This association paved way for the birth of the composition named ‘Sacred Science’. ‘Sacred Science’ turned out to be unlike any of his previous work as it was heavily influenced by the electronic music grooves as well as had a good presence of traditional Kerala folk music usually only heard in the temples.



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