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Dischordian is an acoustic project started by Garreth D’Mello in 2009. Originally conceived as a solo project, Dischordian slowly expanded to a four-piece band with multi-instrumentalists Agnelo Picardo, Howard Pereira, and Nigel Rajaratnam on guitar, saxophone, trumpet, lap steel, melodica, mandolin, and percussion. Their sometimes dreamy, sometimes chaotic sound has found wide appreciation among a varied group of fans, primarily on the basis of their gigs and a bunch of early, low-fi demos. 

Spanning multiple genres, but primarily grounded in folk, punk, and blues, Dischordian’s sound is not something one can categorise as belonging strictly to a particular genre. As Garreth says, “I know what to call the things that go in; I don’t know what to call what comes out.” A description that quite fits the bill is what a website had once labelled them- 'Goa-tinged orchestral indie rock’. 



In April 2011, Dischordian released its much-awaited debut album 'The Feni Farm Riot'. The album features the more minimal, stripped down sound of the band’s early days, with arrangements consisting primarily of guitars, percussion, and trumpet. Recorded and mixed by Aviv Pereira, mastered by Zorran Mendonsa, and with artwork by Hemant Kumar, the album has received an almost universally positive response from the Indian underground scene. For now, the band is selling the independently-released album themselves at gigs and at local music stores, but they plan to make it available both at bigger stores and online shortly. 


Check out this video of Dischordian's "The Old Whore"

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