Big Fish for June - Aks


'Aks' is a Hindi/Urdu multi-genre-rock band from Bangalore, formed in March, 2011. 'Aks', in poetic terms means 'Reflection of the soul'. The band's music bears much significance with the name and reflects who they are, how they think and the music they make.


Aks does not conform to a single genre of music. They say- "We make music according to what we 'feel', and our genres vary from reggae to rock, electronica to sufi, and so do our themes, from patriotic to mischievous, sad to funny!"

All the band members are individual artists too. They live for music and draw inspiration from two essential things: Life & Love. Everything that they play, write and sing portrays their experiences and beliefs, and are reflections of their true selves.

Watch this video for their song "Kisse Aise Bhi Hain"

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Aks is ready to take centrestage. In 3... 2... 1...

The happy boys from AKS at the Myopusradio studio

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