Big Fish for March - Faridkot




This March, prepare yourself for some 'confused pop'. Presenting FARIDKOT- a bunch of fun rockers from Delhi.

All month, stay tuned to find out more about the boys behind the band, their music, their brand new album and so much more! Exclusively on!


Introducing Faridkot- a 'Confused Pop' band from Delhi. Why “Confused”? They think that the confusion mostly comes in once you hear a mix of pop vocals, bluesy guitar playing, funk bass lines, melodic (and sometimes pompous) electronic layers flavored with a pinch of jazz-based drums all combined together in a heap of musical endeavours that they like to call their own. Sometimes in love, sometimes trying to be funny and a little more loving; they just like to play some good music which might transcend the individual inspirations that each musician brings forth. 





Inderpreet Singh:IP used to sing lead vocals for an esteemeed musical convergence by the name of Artistes Unlimited based in Delhi for over two years. He was also featured in their debut album, En Route, and has performed live in various locations all across India with the same group.


Akshay Raheja: Akshay has been playing in the Delhi rock circuit with Frequency, which was in the finals of Channel [V] Launchpad 2007. He also performs with sarangi maestro Kamal Sabri.


Gavin Pacheco:Gavin has been playing on and off in the scene for over 8 years. Currently a part of Delhi Funk Rock and Blues band Hypnosis, he has performed in various colleges and festivals all over the country. Recently he won the Bass Player of the Year award at The Jack Daniel’s Legendary Mash Indian Rock Awards 2008.


Rajarshi Sanyal: Also a part of Hypnosis, he won the Best Guitar Player at Radio City RC Live National Finals.


Sahil Mendiratta: Reuben is the most technically learnt out of all the members, having studied at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. Also a part of Delhi jazz/jam band Drift, he is currently teaching at Gurgaon School of Music along with other alumni of Berklee College.                            

Faridkot playing 'Khel Khel Mein' at Performers Collective's annual rock show.:



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