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Speaking of Split...

Split's music is equally about conflict and resolution. A slick construction of wit and drunken wisdom, with rumbling bass and pounding drums that chase edgy guitar riffs and screaming solos right down to a breakdown of nuclear proportions.

The themes range from the epic to the mundane; from slimy angelists to local trains, from revolution to traffic signals, and from existential angst to the eternal favorite – a broken heart. The band is most at home with a steady supply of new ideas, old grouses, and 7-year vatted rum. 

Split is:

Garreth D'Mello - Vocals & Harp
Melroy D'Mello - Rhythm Guitars
Aviv Pereira - Lead Guitars
Shekhar Mohite - Bass
Varoon Aiyer - Drums


Counting Perfume...

Split's debut album is titled ‘Counting Perfume’ and was officially released on the 12th of February in Mumbai.

Singer Garreth D’Mello was quoted saying- “It seems like every minute was pretty intense and satisfying, and besides, we’re still looking forward, focusing on what comes next..."

The album tracklist is below:

Counting Perfume
Fat Oaf
60 Seconds
Punk Rock Days
Return to Bicameralism
Isn’t It Strange
Save Me
Pig Society
Holy Ghost Machine Gun
Build (Higher)
My House
Mr Anderson

Split was formed in 2002 and and has survived many lineup changes over the years. They shot to fame with their EP ‘P is for Pig’ and are also known for their crazy live shows. Counting Perfume has been co-produced by ex-band member Zorran Mendonsa. You can listen to the entire album on! Coming Soon...  

For more on the band, visit: would like to thank all the band members from Split and Sidestand for their cooperation and support! 

All photographs are courtesy Split's official Facebook page and Monishaphotography. We claim no rights to any of the pictures published above. 

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Melroy DMello says 17-Mar-2012

Thanks Vilasini. Split will push this link as promised. Hope to see you in Bengaluru again, soon.

Shyam says 14-Mar-2012

Great band.... watched them during their new album tour. Rocking!