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About Colaba Point... 

Colaba Point is a Mumbai based jam band or, if you'd like to call it- recording project with a strong DIY ethic and an appetite for long repetitive jams. Their sound oscillates between jazz, blues, psychedelic rock and trip hop. They are a very casual and informal outfit whose music, however, can't be taken lightly!


In its current state, Colaba Point comprises of Rukmini Roy on vocals, Abhishek Denzil on drums, Ankur Chugh on guitars, bass, loops, melodica and Rohan Kadam on vocals, guitars, bass, loops and keyboards. Rohan also writes the songs for the band and records them at home. Rohan and Abhishek were previously a part of the Mumbai based alternative rock quartet Human Abstract (2003-2009).

They have so far released two albums – 'Colaba Point' (2011) - an album comprising mostly of their initial impromptu jams which were recorded live on a portable audio recorder and 'Mildly Idyllic' (2012) – their latest album which is inspired by a range of topics- from traffic jams and Anna Hazare’s campaign last year to existentialism and fancy dinners. Both these albums maintain the band’s distinct lo-fi sound, generous use of live samples and have minimalist arrangements that separate their music from the bulk currently out there. Listeners have in the past drawn comparisons of their sound to that of artists like Massive Attack, Norah Jones, Portishead, Sigur Ros, Phish and Devendra Banhart.

'Colaba Point': The debut album

The first album generated quite an amount of interest amongst the small audience it was exposed to with one of the songs “Certain Days” being featured on ennui.bomb’s Stupiddities V compilation. On the basis of these recordings, Colaba Point was also one of the 5 featured bands from Mumbai on SoundCloud Local Mumbai edition on the popular music sharing website. They have so far managed to get over 2200 followers on the website without any real pr
omotion or live gigs.

'Mildly Idyllic': The sophomore release

'Mildly Idyllic' released earlier this April (2012) and has 9 songs with varied influences and moods.. Guitarist Rohan Kadam said about the new album- “The first album was more like a feeler for the kind of music that came about when we first started jamming and was totally impromptu and live. With Mildly Idyllic, we’ve tried to compose and structure our jams and make some songs out of them. In that respect this is like our first album together and the overall vibe of the album is very moody, laidback and personal.”

The story behind the songs...

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soothening music,like it. keep up the good work. LOL.