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Nrithya Andrews is a singer originally from Kerala, who has only recently launched her debut album with Amaranta Entertainment in Chennai. 'Bitter Sweet', as the album is called, is proof to her versatility as an artist and performer. All May, throws the spotlight on this talented musician whose career has just been launched... into the stars!


From when she was a kid, Nrithya loved music. Her parents encouraged this spark of talent that they recognized, and put her in piano lessons, and by the time she turned 18 years old, she was a Grade 8 pianist from Trinity College, London. She has also been singing from when she was young, being a part of choirs in school and in church.

Nrithya's influences include an entire range of artists, starting from Britney Spears and The Rasmus, to Evanescence, Shakira, Duffy, Amy Winehouse, Queen, Aerosmith, Adele, Ingrid Michelson and Boyce Avenue, among many others.

Her tryst with Songwriting...


Nrithya stumbled upon songwriting when she was sixteen years old. Her church youth group organized a Gospel Rock Concert. Thanks to her mother's intervention, she auditioned for a band where the rest of the people were older than her. Though impressed, she was given only 4 lines to sing in a 40 minute setlist of songs. That's when she felt she deserved more than 4 lines. She went back home, sat at her piano and in half an hour composed her first song called ' Mercy is All I ask'. She then re-approached the group, and it then turned out that her original song 'Mercy' turned out to be the only own composition in the 45 minute setlist of the band in the concert. Since then, she says- "My best form of expression has been songwriting."




Playback Singing...

During college, Nrithya participated in three reality music shows. One of them was 'Ohhlalala', a Tamil band hunt. Her Tamil Rock Band called Shristi won the show, judged by A.R. Rehman. This reality show led her to background vocals for 'Jodha Akbar', 'Endhiran' and 'Rockstar' and also introduced her to the world of playback with solo songs. My first playback main vocals song was released in 2008 ( Saroja- Cheeky Cheeky) Since then I have sung for music directors like Yuvan, Bobo Shashi, Deva, Srikanth Deva, Gv Prakash etc.

Here are some of her popular playback songs:

"Eapadiyo Matikitein" - Siva Manasula Shakthi 






"Will you be there" - Thandavam





As an Independent artist...

Nrithya continued songwriting till she met Mr. Geoffrey Thomas at her internship. She says- "If it weren't for Geoffrey Thomas who always encouraged me to put my songs together since 2010 I would have never ever thought of the possibility of taking the next step and making an album. Geoffrey Thomas instilled the idea of an album and in 2012 decided to see the idea through as well with his Amaranta Entertainment producing the entire album..."






Her first 5-song EP, titled 'Bitter Sweet', was only recently launched in Chennai by Amaranta Entertainment- the brainchild of Geoffrey Thomas. 

When asked why she chose the name 'Bitter Sweet', Nrithya says she chose to call her album that because her life is full of contradictions. As a Scorpio, she's always extremely opposite personalities. As a lecturer, she's known as Nrithya Ma'am,  and is responsible, sensible and always diplomatic. But the singer in her apparently still makes mistakes, loves music ranging from acoustic and jazz to hard rock, doesn't always make the best decisions, and loves to be mad with the people closest to her. Her album and her music reflects all of this, and one listen to 'Bitter Sweet' can give you a good enough idea about Nrithya Andrews!

The tracklist goes like this:



Good enough
Note to the devil




Musicians played on the EP:

Vikram ( guiatrist) : Plays for rock band Grey shack, played on Mtv's Coke Studio, sessions guitarist
Vivin Kuruvilla ( keyboardist): 8th Grade pianist, plays for metal band Wolf's Lair, sessions Keyboardist
Conrard Simmons (Bassist) : Bassist from Rehman's KM Conservatory School, plays for several bands
Prassannaa Sukumar (Drummer): 8th grade drummer.




Picture source:

Amaranta Entertainment's launch pictures of 'Bitter Sweet'

This may be Nrithya's first album, but she is no newcomer to the music industry, by itself. She has also done background vocals for AR Rahman for films like Jodhaa Akbar, Rockstar and Endhiran. 

All May, Myopusradio will bring you the music of Nrithya Maria Andrews, along with interviews, pictures, videos and more! So, watch this space! And tune in!




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