Big Fish for November- Allegro Fudge





Allegro Fudge is an acoustic band that plays original music which is in the process of being defined as a genre. Their songs have a distinct flavour of their own and draw inspiration from their everyday lives.

Allegro Fudge draws from the experience and the flavour that each musician brings, ranging from Blues, Country, Classical, Folk, Jazz, Metal to Pop to make very interesting music which doesn’t attempt to sound like anyone or be anything, but becomes a musical counterpoint!

Allegro Fudge is:

Saahas Patil - Vocals
Jason Zachariah - Piano
Joey - Acoustic Guitar
Shalini Mohan - Bass Guitar
Deepak Raghu - Drums

Later this November, Allegro Fudge releases their debut album titled 'Maximum City'. Tune in to the Big Fish channel, 24x7, to listen to the music from the upcoming release, plus interviews, trivia and much more!

Watch them perform one of their newest songs 'Eye to Eye' live, here:

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