Big Fish for October - Coshish

“Progressive Rock is an attempt to musically orgasm as many times as possible during a 15-minute song.”



“There is no clear definition of progressive rock, as it is not bounded by convention, structure, tradition or common sense. Progressive rock is like the anti-socialite of music; there are no rules or restrictions”

Pic by: Rema Chaudhary Photography

Coshish is a Progressive Rock band from aamchi Mumbai; rocking in the desi style since 2007.

The band possesses the intriguing flair of song writing as they convey strong and spirited social messages beautifully through their Hindi lyrics.

The sound of the band is entrancing yet their technical ingenuity is so profound. The supernal feel of their music transcends/ escalates you to a different level altogether.


Porcupine Tree, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Radiohead, Opeth.



Mangesh Gandhi - Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Mouth Organs
Shrikant Sreenivasan - Lead Guitars
Hamza Kazi - Drums, Xylophone
Anish Nair - Bass


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Mahesh Shroff says 12-Oct-2013

It's one of the best album I've bought till date. It's refreshing and different on so many levels..Coshish has a diverse musical style..maybe more than they realize.. This is the kind of album that you could come back to 10 years later and discover something that you didn't hear before .

Rahul Dhakka says 11-Oct-2013

Fantastic music. Easily the best Indian album of the year.