Big Fish for October- Kaav



This October, we transport you to a land that is serene... where nature, peace and music are all you need to think about. We transport you there with the music of Kaav, one of India's more recent but more impressive bands. They've achieved so much in such a short span of time, and Myopusradio celebrates all their hard work, and of course, all their lovely music this October.


Behind the band name...

Kaav are small divine forests with vast variety of vegetation, snakes, small animals and birds as part of it. It can be also called as the natural shrines of Kerala which plays a great role in maintaining the ecological balance. Fears, mysteries, superstitions, religion, spirituality, evil and folk stories (Kettukathakal) are always associated with kaav. Kerala’s ancient art forms such as Kaliyattam and Theyyam originated in relation with these shrines. As it was the meeting place for the human psyche, it has contributed tremendously in the evolution of several art forms since primeval times.



Kaav released their eponymous E.P. in September 2010. Produced by Baiju Dharmajan, the EP was well received and highly rated by radio, print and online media. The EP was the '#1 Indie Indian EP of the year 2010' by Indiecision Magazine. Kaav's song 'Daya' represented India in the international Indie Music Compilation Album MAP (Music Alliance Pact) comprising 35 countries which was featured by 'The Guardian' UK. Kaav's video for the song 'Daya' was featured on Coldplay's official website in September 2010. Kaav's EP was given a rating of 4/5 by us at MyOpus Radio and the band was also featured by leading newspapers such as the Times, Indian Express and Mathrubhoomi. 



Kaav's debut album titled 'Rhapsody of Rains' consisting of eight songs released in June 2012. Produced by Baiju Dharmajan, the album is an attempt by Kaav to further its musical expeditions into more progressive terrains while still retaining its indigenous roots as well as diverse influences.

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