Big Fish for October - Live Banned



The story of the Banned...


It was 10:23 PM on a Friday evening, in the autumn of 2010. The trees swayed to the sounds of wind instruments played from a keyboard . The doors rumbled when a riff similar to ‘Roadhouse Blues’ was played in a Tamil song that was being recorded in the studio. The two men (a young boy and a man) in the studio came out and stood under a mango tree to unravel this abnormal activity. An apple fell on Dheeru’s (the boy) … head. Amrit (the young man) caught it inches off the ground. An idea was born.

At that unholy hour, the boy looked at the young man and they both nodded with a wicked grin. The boy then looked to the heavens with a loud cry “but who will shoulder the duties of the fret board? Will this society and our community accept this? “can we do it with no strings attached?”. A monstrous, pitch perfect voice (without the aid of a pitch corrector) resonated from the stratosphere and awakened the thugs in Gangenahalli and DoddaneKundi. The words were “Dhruv is the one with the groove. Go get him”.


Dhruv gracefully accepted the invitation and the news was featured on Today’s Special news channel. Days went by, but there was no music. Live music was banned in Bangalore and live bands were forbidden from playing in festivals, watering holes and public spaces. Ironically, dance bars still made brisk business and left thousands of auto travelers stranded without ‘chilrae’ also called 10 rupee notes. The three men (the boy had become a man) sat in a dark room strewn with engineering books and wondered what would draw the attention of the authorities and get the entertainment starved Bangalore PYTs up on their feet again.

They decided to travel around the world in search of different forms of music, from Ammapettai to Amsterdam. After gathering considerable knowledge from their travels, they spotted a very young man with boyish looks munching on some chilli potatoes and playing a harmonium at a local Ganesha festival in the Vijayanagar area. The three men shouted in unison “he is the fourth one”. They got off the bullock cart and were introduced to this charming boy who called himself “The Sid”. The Sid drove them in his shiny white bullock cart to the jam room and showed his multi-talented side.

After a few sessions, they felt something missing in their repertoire. On a hot afternoon after a few milkshakes, they happened to see the poster of a new release “Apna haath Jagannath (Your hand is God). That night, Dhruv’s inner voice echoed with the words “Jagannath, Jagannath”. He spent many sleepless nights plagued by the question “who is this Jagannath?” He found the answer and also the missing element in their music - Jagan. He was initiated to the band and to the prestigious fifth spot. Unfortunately, that spot became a spot of bother with the Jagan man deciding to pursue iyer studies. To help us come out of the B-spot (read spot of bother), Sridhar, a guitar and sound man showed his genius. Before we could use his legendary powers, he said ‘Mumbai meri jaan’. The B-spot continued.

One day, the band decided to see some animals in Bannerghatta and on their way back, they met this big boy called Raveesh Tirkey from Ranchi in the BASSment of a building. After impressing the band with his skilled bassment work, he was roped in as the permanent member. This was a very ‘tirkey’ situation. They called this ground breaking project “Live Banned” to rid young Bangaloreans of their miseries. The rest was Geography.


The Music:

Indian regional cinema meets 80’s Rock, has a beer with Punk music, shakes a leg with Disco, chills with Reggae and headbangs to Metal

Genre: Awesome

Also Parody/Commercial/Popular music

Banned performers:

Dheerendra Doss aka Dheeru (Drums)
Amrit Rao (Vocals)
Dhruv Kumar (Guitars)
Siddharth Kamat (Keyboard)
Raveesh Tirkey (Bass)
Beware. Listening to Live Banned may cause some serious and um... intentional changes to your vocabulary. Are you ready to PUT IT?



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Pictures also courtesy:
Joel Dubba (for Aks)