Big Fish for September - Junkyard Groove

"Laaadiiess and gentlemenss.... (and those who are still confused about it)... Welcome to JUNKYARD GROOOOOOOVE!"

It's rock and roll in your soul, and we're singing it out all September here on with the guys from Chennai's Junkyard Groove- our Big Fish all month!


Over the years the Indian sub continent has been brewing quiet a few underground rock bands, and in the summer of 2005 Chennai gave us Junkyard Groove. Ameeth Thomas, Siddharth Srinivasan and Craig Maxworth got together almost randomly and realized that they had something to contribute to the world of Indian Rock and Roll.


Ameeth started oFf his music career fronting a few other bands before Junkyard Groove, as was the same with the other guys. Siddharth the youngest of the lot played with bands that found there roots in classic and funk rock covers. Craig entered the music scene with a band that was pretty much a ‘Rage Against The Machine’ tribute band.


Maybe you're reading this to find out more about Junkyard Groove. Or maybe you already know what ever you need to know about them, from Myspace and Facebook. Maybe you’ve seen them live at a few local rock competitions. Maybe you’ve seen them win every one of them. Maybe you’ve jumped around to their music at shows like ‘Rock In India’, ‘Channel V Launch PAD’, ‘Strawberry Fields’… etc Maybe you got a little to drunk and passed out before they finished their set. Maybe you heard of them when they opened for the Dubai Desert Rock Festival. Or maybe you just came over to watch Iron Maiden and Incubus. Maybe you’ve listened to their music online and liked it. Maybe you hated it. Maybe you’re sick and tired of waiting for their album to come out. Or maybe you felt better when you heard that the new GNR album might beat them to it.

Like them, or hate them (which is quite an impossibility), but you simply cannot ignore them. As cliche as it may sound, it's the truth. The boys from Junkyard Groove entered the indie music scene like a whiff of fresh and funky air, and are nowhere close to going stale. Constant re-inventions, experiments, and now, with a new line-up and a new album all set to blow our minds away, the band has never failed to surprise us. They are an equation that totals up fun, madness, alcohol highs and of course, a whole lot of good music.


Listen to their new music. Interact with the new band members. And see what Version 2 of the infamous Junkyard Groove is like, exclusively on

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Watch their video for "Folk You" from their '11:11' bootleg album:

This space is dedicated to Junkyard Groove all month. So watch out!
There's a whole lot of fun heading towards you!

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