Big Fish for September - Mad Orange Fireworks

Think Orange. Actually, Orange Rock! Myopusradio's trademark yellow brightens up a bit for our colourful Big Fish for the month of September- Mad Orange Fireworks! This Bangalore based outfit is sure to light things up with their own brand of fun music all month long! Watch this space for all their new songs, interviews, pictures, videos and much, much more!


Who they are...

Mad Orange Fireworks is a Bangalore based rock band whose music is somewhere between Jazz, Funk, Pop & Rock. They choose to call it "Orange Rock". The ensemble draws its inspiration from legendary bands Thermal and a Quarter, Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, and The Beatles.

Band members...

Michael Dias - Vocals / Guitars
Ramanan Chandramouli - Guitars/Vocals
Kaushik Kumar - Bass / Vocals
Shravan Bendapudi - Drums

Their story...

With a song bank building up in his head for more than seven years, the band's singer and songwriter Michael Dias needed to let it out somehow! So he hunted down the right people for almost a year after that, and came across metalhead Shravan Bendapudi. The two jammed and hit it off right away. The same chemistry had come about earlier when Michael had played with Kaushik Kumar on the bass.

The trio forged their musical identity as Orange Rock, and managed to garner quite a fan following after a few gigs. That's also when Ramanan Chandramouli, who was initially a guest guitarist at one of their shows, joined the band as a fourth member.

And the rest, as they like to put it, is Orange history!


Mad Orange Fireworks has released one album so far. It is titled 'Lifeline Cast', and is being streamed in its entireity on's EXCLUSIVE Big Fish channel! So wake up when September begins, tune in, turn it up and rock out!

Watch this space for more fun stuff about Mad Orange Fireworks, coming your way all of September! claims no rights to any of the artwork or photographs published above. They are all courtesy Mad Orange Fireworks and have been used here mainly for promotional purposes. For any further clarifications, get in touch with us via!