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This September, we're celebrating music in its ethnic and colourful best, most aptly represented by The Raghu Dixit Project from Karnataka, India. All month, exclusively on's Big Fish!


The Raghu Dixit Project is one of India’s foremost bands in its genre. It is meant to be an open house for musicians and artistes from different genres to come together, collaborate and create a dynamic sound that is earthy, rooted, vibrant, catchy, intense, simple, yet highly enjoyable.



rdpThe group has over 300 shows to their credit, including many fantastic festivals and venues in countries across the world including South Korea, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong and the U.K. They also have a reputation of being a fun filled and interactive live act. The Raghu Dixit Project can be considered trend setters in the Indian music scene with their unique brand of music now turning into a genre in itself - Indo-World-Folk-Rock!  

The Raghu Dixit Project will continue globe trotting and spreading the music as their UK tour now transformsitself into a World Tour, boasting of dates in the US, Australia, Sweden and some more UK venues.


This is what their tour schedule looks like:


September 15th – Jazz Cafe, London 
September 16th - The Donkey, Leicester 
September 17th – Newcastle Ganesha Festival 
September 19th - Band on the Wall, Manchester 
September 20th - Album Release with Wrasse Records, UK


October 8th-10th – One Movement Festival, Perth 
October 16th - Bangalore 
October 17th - Hubli 
October 22nd - Sweden


March 4th, 2011 – Kennedy Center, Washington DC 
March 16th-20th, 2011 – SXSW, Austin, TX



To add to this already fancy resume, Raghu Dixit has recently signed with an international management agency that orchestrated his impressive UK tour. Raghu Dixit’s international management is a joint venture between the Jenral Group and Sound Advice. Paul Knowles, of the Jenral Group, Raghu’s international manager and Robert Horsfall of Sound Advice, Raghu’s lawyer, are the two main spearheads behind the initiative.


Raghu Dixit has also been signed on Wrasse records and his debut album will soon be released worldwide. Wrasse is one of the best labels for Raghu's brand of world music and home to legends like Fela Kuti and Khaled. He has also been signed by Sony ATV, one of the biggest publishing houses in the world and a first for an Indian indie artist.


 Raghu Dixit Projectt

Raghu Dixit and Gaurav Vaz in the Myopusradio studio!


Check out this music video for the song "Hey Bhagwan":



Here's a clip of Raghu teaching the audiences Hindi:




The Raghu Dixit Project - A photo diary!






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Here's your chance to win yourself autographed posters and Raghu Dixit CDs! Answer the questions given below, and go here, fill in the form by the 30th of September 2010. Don't forget to include your name and contact details or you may miss the prizes!



Question 1. If Raghu wasn't a musician, he would've been...


a) An Architect

b) A Biotechnologist

c) A Microbiologist


Question 2. Which was the first song that Raghu Dixit wrote in a regional language?


a) Gudugudiya sedi nodu

b) Mysore se ayi

c) Ambar


Question 3. Raghu Dixit is trained in which form of dance?


a) Bharatanatyam

b) Kuchipudi

c) Kathakali



Tune in to the Big Fish channel for clues and you could be the lucky winner! And, HURRY!