July 2014: Plague Throat

As a follow up to the #Keep Metal Alive campaign, we throw the spotlight on the winners of the Wacken Metal Battle (India). Introducing, Plague Throat!




Plague Throat is a death metal band from Shillong, India. They came together in 2006, and made their debut on the 8th August 2008(888) Powerplay. 

If you thought three members couldn't be loud enough to be a metal band, think again! Though they were already a well known name in the death metal underground in India, the metal trio shot to fame after a clean win at the Wacken Metal Battle (India). They will represent the country at the finals of the Metal Battle scheduled to be held at Wacken Open Air on the 30th of July, 2014. 


One of their more popular tracks titled 'Present Chaos' has been featured in many compilation albums like:

Brutal Pokhara : Occult Science of Metal
Putrid Ascendancy : Ascending True Indian Metal 
Brutal Pokhara : Build On Chaos Field 
Metal Spree : New Year Killing Spree
Brutal Launch box : Life is sick and brutal
The pretentious and the deceived : Metallers Mayhem 2 by Metalbase India

They released an EP called 'An Exordium To Contagion' (Incanned Productions) in 2013.


Nangsan- Guitar, vocals
Iaidon- Bass, vocals
Malice -Drums

Wacken Metal Battle is just the beginning of this band's potentially fantastic journey in the metal world! Watch out for Plague Throat!