Keep Metal Alive: BOA 2014


What's this buzz about Keeping Metal Alive?

Indian metalheads are on the verge of creating history this year. Salman U. Syed, event promoter and head of Infinite Dreams Artist Management, is taking crowd funding to a whole new level. The man behind ‘Asia’s largest metal festival’- Bangalore Open Air, is asking you- the fans, to prove that music does not need sponsors to stay alive!

All you need to do is contribute just as much as you would pay for a festival ticket, and you could make this festival happen. The only difference between a regular festival and one funded by you, i.e. the crowd, is that you buy your ticket prior to the event being formally executed. If fans contribute enough for the financial target to be achieved, then the bands will be booked and the show will go on. If not, your money comes back. It's that simple!

Bangalore Open Air 2014 has a target of Rs. 44 lakhs, and a deadline – Tuesday, the 8th of July, 2014. The idea is to get metalheads to pay for a gig that they might attend, and get rewarded for it. There are multiple packages that can be purchased, which come with T-Shirts, meet and greet options, and also V.I.P passes, among other things.

This May and June, we support the campaign, and work hand in hand with the team at Bangalore Open Air to reach the target! Join us and let's make this happen for Indian metal!


Here's what Mayhem's Necrobutcher had to say to his Indian fans:



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