Crazy Weather


Crazy weather was the side project of Them Clones' guitar player Gucci Singh, which started off as a studio project. After more than a decade of 'Rock n Roll with his band Them Clones', founder-guitar player Gucci Singh put together his new band, Crazy Weather to expose a new genre bending set of songs.
Crazy Weather's varied musical genus includes funk rock, pop rock or heavy alternative metal.
Their songs have tones of cynicism, sex, accountability, despair and love for the au naturelle, all mixed in as a sort of chicken soup for the soul. So go ahead, get your food for thought.

RATM, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Pantera, AIC, Megadeth, Pink Floyd, NIrvana, The Mars Volta, hip-hop, electronica, punjabi pop, heavy metal, techno, trance, house.

Gucci Singh invigorates Crazy Weather with debut album, Halflife!

New Delhi

The ex Them Clones' guitarist, Gucci Singh started his side project, Crazy Weather 4 years ago.
On the 12th of February, 2014, Gucci along with the other members of Crazy weather released their debut album, Halflife.

The credentials of the eight-track album, Crazy Weather substantially goes to Gucci and Daniel. Except for Rajarshi Sanyal playing the guitar for ‘Humpty Dumpty’. The rest of the album primarily has Daniel on live drums and Gucci on the bass guitar, electric guitar and vocals.


"Crazy Weather grew from a handful of songs I’d been writing for years, which were fairly different from what I would write for the Clones. Crazy Weather leans towards shades of metal, funk and progressive that is different from the Clones prog/alt rock sound. Plus I wanted to sing,” says Singh to the Rolling Stone India.

Here, Listen to Halflife!