Kaav is an Indian trio instrumental band formed in 2009 by Syam N Pai, Shabeer P Ali and Arun S Kumar.

The band is based in Vypin Island, Cochin, Kerala. Even though the seclusion of the place brings several limitations, the natural beauty and the coastal lifestyle have an immense influence on the nature of the band’s music. Kaav’s music draws influences from Indian classical music, folk music, Rock, Metal, World music, Jazz Fusions, Blues, Prog, Psy and Alternative.

Kaav’s first EP of three songs was released in September 2010. Baiiju Dharmajan of Motherjane has produced the EP.

Kaav is:
Syam N Pai -Guitar
Shabeer P Ali -Bass
Arun S Kumar -Drums

  • Cochin
  • Fusion, Rock
  • Syam N Pai, Shabeer P Ali, Arun S Kumar
  • Active
  • ttp://

Interview with Kaav


The Opus Platform Show (Thursdays,3pm) reviews an Indian album every week as one of its regular segments. Last week, we discussed Kaav's debut album, which scored a great 4/5 rating!


After the review, we spoke to the boys from Kaav- Syam, Shabeer and Arun, about the album, their inspirations, their experience working with Baiju Dharmarajan (Motherjane) and more. Hit play and listen to the interview on


Also check out the video for their track 'Daya' which was featured on the Coldplay website!



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Interview with Kaav
Kaav - 'Daya'
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