Amit Yadav - Vocals / Guitars / Songwriting / Synths / Programming

Yapang Lemtur - Bass / Backing Vocals

Deepak Singh - Drums

Anshul Bansal - Songwriting

Sifar, a Hindi modern rock band from New Delhi, was formed in 2008. The band came together when Amit recorded his version of one of Anshul's songs and put it up online after Anshul was impressed by it. The song became very popular online, encouraging Amit to pursue music production. In late 2009, after completing a course at Beatfactory Academy, Amit and Anshul started producing songs and putting them up online. By the end of 2010, Sifar had grown into a 4 piece band performing live shows.  

Since then, the band has performed at some significant venues in India like IIT Roorkee, IIT Gandhinagar, IIT Patna, ISB Hyderabad, and have also performed on Delhi's popular radio stations HIT 95 FM, Radio One 94.3 FM and Radio City 91.1 FM. The band has a three track EP to their credit which they released in June 2011. They were awarded the 2nd Best Rock Band in South Asia at the Indiego Music Awards 2011. They have also been nominated for several other awards including Best Rock Band at the Artist Aloud Awards 2012.

Sifar recently released Shaitan, a music video and are currently working on their next album, '2'.


  • New Delhi
  • Rock
  • Amit Yadav, Deepak Singh, Nikhil Auluck, Yapang Lemtur
  • Active

Interview with Sifar


A year ago, they were awarded the 2nd Best Rock Band in South Asia at the Indiego Music Awards 2011 and this year they were nominated for Best Rock Band at the Artist Aloud Awards 2012. This month at My Opus Radio we feature Sifar, a modern rock band from Delhi. We caught up with Amit Yadav, their vocalist, guitarist, songwriter and programmer and here's what he had to say about the band, their achievements, their new video 'Shaitan' and their upcoming album '2'.


Myopusradio: You started off in 2008 with just the two of you making music, and now, you’ve become one of India’s foremost modern rock bands in the independent circuit. How has the journey been?


AY: The journey has been amazing. One of the main things that we wanted to do right from the start was to be able to record and produce our songs; and it feels great to have been able to do that. Any recognition after that is just icing on the cake really! :)


Myopusradio: Run us through the story of how you formed and how Sifar came to be.


AY: Anshul and I have been writing and composing songs for a few years now. Sifar started when we decided to record and put the songs out there. I learned music production, and started the whole process of recording and producing the songs. We started putting the demos up online, and a couple of years down the line, in 2010, the rest of the guys (Deepak, Yapang and Nikhil) joined and we started playing live as well. 


Myopusradio: Did you ever think you would make it this big, and that your project would come this far?


AY: We honestly don’t know how big we are but it sure feels great to have the fans that we have. And many of them are a pretty hard-core bunch too. We didn’t know how far we would ever get, and that’s something we don’t know right now either. But we like to believe that there are a lot of like-minded people out there, and someday we’d get to connect with all of them through our music.


Myopusradio: You’ve been nominated for a couple of awards, and you’ve also won an award for the 2nd Best Rock Band. How do you think awards help bands and artists in the industry?


AY: Awards can get you some validation from the industry. And as for fans, they’re always happy to see us win stuff! So, winning and getting nominated definitely is a good thing. But, it is something which will always be a by-product of what you do and of your supporters and not really something one should focus on.


Myopusradio: Tell us a little bit about your upcoming album ‘2’.


AY: Really excited about the second album! We have a bunch of new songs and we can’t wait to record! The coolest part with the new material is that we don’t know how it’s gonna end up sounding. For example, with Shaitan, the most recent song we released, it was pretty different when I recorded the first demo but by the release date, it had taken some other shape entirely – and a very exciting one at that. Hopefully, we’d keep surprising ourselves by the time we release the second album.


Myopusradio: How is it different from your first EP in terms of sound, themes, etc?


AY: We’re not sure about anything right now. Every demo I’m making is sounding different and we’re just trying to take one song at a time.


Myopusradio: When does the album release? Do you have any plans of touring to promote the album?


AY: Our tour plans are always dicey at best, but the album release will happen sometime mid-2013.


Myopusradio: Let’s talk about the artwork. It’s fantastic! Tell us about the artist and how you connect the band’s sound with what the artwork represents.


AY: The basic rule is that the artwork should resonate with the music, at least in our opinion. I just hang out a lot on the Internet, and if I like something, I give the artist a shout and see if they might be interested in either creating something for us or let us use some of their existing art. The first album features some awesome graphic art from this designer called JJ Verhoef and the second album is still a work in progress, but so far we’ve got some art created by Adam Prosser.


Myopusradio: Tell us a little about your music video for ‘Shaitan’.



AY: The idea behind Shaitan was that anything that you hate in anyone is nothing more than a reflection of your own self, and at some level you are also capable of having the same “characteristics” that make you hate that someone. So, somewhere out there there’s a version of you that you hate. You just went through slightly different circumstances, and made some slightly different choices than the version of you that you hate.


Myopusradio: Do you have a special message for your fans out there?


AY: Our fans are some genuinely awesome people. We’re lucky to have such a creative and intelligent community of fans around us, and we feel truly blessed. Our message to them is simply a big “thank you” for being there, and we hope that they will like the second album!


Myopusradio: Thanks for the interview, and good luck with the album!