Sanjeev T and Rainbow Bridge


Sanjeev T is a Multi-Genre Crossing Singer/Guitarist, Music Producer/ Programmer and Lead Guitarist for Oscar and Grammy award Music Winner A. R Rahman.

Sanjeev T was Awarded Highest Honor at World's Largest Indie Awards AVIMA 2010 for Most Inventive, Innovative and Creative Indie Artist.

 Sanjeev T has been the lead guitarist for Oscar/Grammy winner A.R. Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire) , on several projects and his collaborations in Blockbuster feature films and albums like Jaane tu ya Jaane na, Ada, Ghajini, Delhi-6, Azhagiya Tamilmagan, Vote for the Taj and many others have attained international acclaim.

Personal Achievements & Accomplishments:

2010 On World Tour with Grammy Award Winner A.R.Rahman
2010 Sanjeev T nominated for Best Rock Song, Best Electro.Dance Song, Best Rock Band and Sanjeev T Best Rock Vocalist at AVIMA 2010 the World's Biggest Indie Awards.
With His Band Rainbow Bridge •March 2010 Rolling Stone Magazine list his band as top 25 in the country
•Summer 2008 Rainbow Bridge wins best band in South Indian I Rock Competition and Sanjeev T wins Best Guitarist at India's I Rock Finals.
•Fall 2008 Rainbow Bridge is chosen to perform at the Great Indian Rock Festival in both Mumbai and Bangalore.
•Fall 2008 Rolling Stone Magazine names Rainbow Bridge one of the 10 most Promising Bands in India.

Sanjeev T launches 'Epic Shit'


Sanjeev T released his new album, 'Epic Shit' on the 2nd of October.

AVIMA 2011 winner for the most Creative Artist, Sanjeev Thomas a.k.a. Sanjeev T released his new album, 'Epic Shit' on the 2nd of October.
The album was recorded live and is already one of the top selling albums heading the charts.

Owing to the rage that was created after A.R. Rahman shared Sanjeev T’s video, Chekele from his new album on Facebook and Twitter, there’s been no looking back for Sanjeev since then.

The launch of Sanjeev T’s album, Epic Shit on 5th of October at Dream Hotel, Cochin was a massive affair too with a lineup of artists like Baiju Dharmajan, Pavithra Menon, Warren Mendoza and more. The prismatic album cover has also capped a lot of acclaim.

Sanjeev T is a very rooted and multifaceted musician indeed!