The Beta Funktion


The Beta Funktion is a 4 piece band that aims to make music with energy. The band's musical signature lies on a solid foundation of hard rock - to which elements of other genres are added. Hence the 'Beta' in the name, implying there will never be a finished sound, it will always be under testing/experimentation, with a few bugs tossed in here and there. The band also ventures into pure acoustic sounds every now and then, just to throw some variety into the mix.

Formed in April 2013, TBF has performed in various avenues across Chennai, including Star Rock, Geoffrey's, Phoenix Market City and was one of the finalists for the Chennai Live Band Hunt 2013 held at the Egmore Museum Theater. The Beta Funktion also took its first steps into Bangalore with Strawberry Fields '14, NLS's premier music festival, where they were finalists as well!

  • Chennai
  • Hard Rock
  • Lead Guitar : Vijay Krishnan, Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals : Sooraj Kumarr, Drums/Acoustic Guitar : Manoj Krishnan, Vocals : Rohit Subramanian
  • Active

TBF's First Studio-Recorded Single!


TBF's first studio recorded original - Outta the blues is out now!

This is what the band, TBF says about the track: "Outta the Blues is a laid back and groovy track about two friends, one drunk and one sober. Mr. Drunk wants his friend to sit down and listen to his song, and when he finds out he isn't paying attention, he get wild! Self control is lost and there's no one that can restrain him. All Mr. Sober can do is watch as his senseless friend runs on to the middle of the road, against the blaring horns and the bright lights. He sees him tumble and take a fall, the wheels graze his face, the are horrified screams and screeching tires..."

Riveting enough?

Here, Listen!