Sky Rabbit


Six-year-old Mumbai-based Sky Rabbit (formerly known as Medusa) defines their sound as electronic/alternative. A formidable quartet of Mumbai’s most gifted youth, Raxit (Vocals/Samples), Rahul (Guitar/Samples), Siddharth (Bass) and Harsh (Drums) have stumbled upon something unique, merging electronica with indie and post-punk styles. In 2008, Sky Rabbit was selected as one of the four bands in India to be part of British Council Soundpad, where they got a chance to record two tracks with legendary producer John Leckie (Radiohead, Pink Floyd, The Verve) at Yash Raj Studios in Mumbai. After which, in 2009, they performed at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton and continued their UK tour to Cardiff, Oxford, Liverpool and London.

The New Wave Festival of Asian Indie & Punk Music in GOA!


Music Festival Update!

A shift of paradigm in the conventional idea of Music Festivals is what it is. The New Wave Music Fest 2014 has a line up of a range of enigmatic Southeast Asian acts along with cut-and-dried artists like The F16's, Sky Rabbit, Bombay Bassment et al.

The New Wave Festival of Asian Indie & Punk Music in scheduled to take place on the 15th and 16th of November this year.

Shonen Knife,the all-female Japanese Pop-Punk band is headlining this festival. the underground garage rock sound rooty in edgy instrumentation; YES, all the robust drumming and animated guitaring are what earmark this band.

Here, Like a Cat?



 More Artists on the Lineup:

Kyoto Protocol (Malaysia)
Peter Cat Recording Co.
The Supersonics
Point Of View (Dubai)
The Circus Youth Unite (Nepal)
The Rebel Riot (Myanmar)
The Elvis Lobo Project
Digital Suicide
Tritha Electric
The F16’s
Laxmi Bomb
The Vinyl Records
Fuzzculture and many more!