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Alexis D’Souza is a 20 something, only child, dog (and cat) lover and music enthusiast. She has been given this space solely to express her completely unqualified opinion on things like music, bands, life, her cat, herself etc. Why anybody would do this is beyond her, but here it is! Read and don’t leave nasty comments. All that does is hurt people’s feelings.

The SQS Story


by Alexis D'Souza

About three months ago, KroaKING Season 5 was in its final week; the outstation finalists had arrived and among them were two brothers – Samar and Sanam Puri. Sanam was the finalist, but he never goes anywhere without Samar. This is the story of how these two brothers made it to the big-time.

Sanam and Samar had spent a lot of time with us, well me, actually; I, kind as I am, offered them free food and stay in my house. They had, in that time, told us a lot about themselves, how they compose, record and perform their own music. I remember thinking from the very beginning that this was genuinely good music, even if it was in Hindi and I couldn’t understand a word of it. My honest belief that this was by far the best original music I’ve heard had nothing to do with Sanam Puri’s perfectly chiseled face. I promise.


The Puris spent their days in Bangalore doing touristy things like exploring Brigade Road, paying auto drivers however much they asked for and shopping at the Cauvery Emporium. At night however, my living room would be transformed into a magical make-shift jam room and with Samar on guitar, Venkat on his bass and Sanam playing the keyboard and singing; the happy inhabitants of T404, drifted blissfully off into a deep sleep, while their music continued on through the night. Not all the inhabitants though, my cat was pretty psyched.


Sanam won KroaKing Season 5, (no surprise there – my money was on him from the beginning) and with his handmade staff and crown, he and Samar were soon on their way back to their home in Mumbai, where they immediately began strenuous rehearsals for their next conquest. The Puri’s along with their drummer, Keshav Dhanraj christened themselves the SQS project; Samar-Quesh-Sanam. Somehow, Kesh, or Keshav didn’t suffice- this is show business, folks.

SQS battled many other bands in round after round, emerging victorious each time. In order to be crowned the winners of the West Zone, they had to rely on a Facebook poll for votes that would then qualify them into the finals. Hence followed a dark period, wherein SQS relentless in their quest to be Supastars, mercilessly assaulted Facebook users with pleas and death threats; which they felt really bad about and that’s what matters. Bloodstained news feeds aside, just when we thought it would never end, we received the happy news. The SQS Project had done it again! They were now the official winners of the West Zone. There was only one thing left standing in the way of their ultimate goal to be the Times Supastars. The finals.

The finals were nearing and Samar, Quesh and Sanam decided to sit down and carefully assess their chances of winning. It finally dawned upon them; the timeless secret to winning was clear as day. What they really needed… was a really hot girl – enter, the lovely Abhishruti Bezbaruah, whom they found through the auditions they held for a female back-up vocalist. They also struck a deal with their old friend from school, Venkat (he’s one of us, guys!), who agreed to play the bass for them. Now a five-piece band, they were not going to change their name. But they were now fully prepared for the finals.

After some serious rehearsal/bonding/acting-cool-because-we’re-musicians time, the day of the finals had arrived. I was waiting patiently for one of the guys to call me. But since I’m not really very patient, I called them instead, anticipation burning holes in my veins. It was pretty anti-climactic when I found out that bands were still playing and it was nowhere near the end. So I went back to waiting. Finally, the phone rang and it was Venkat on the other end, who said ever so solemnly to me,
“So… we won.”

What I then proceeded to do, in celebration, is none of your business. But I will tell you this; it was a happy, happy day in the town of Dreams-Really-Do-Come-True.

The End.

The SQS Project (Samar & Sanam Puri, Keshav Dhanraj, Abhishruti Bezbaruah and Venkat Subramaniyam) is the official winner of Times Supastars and has just signed with Times Music. This means the band will get to record a fully produced album and have its own music video directed. This is a big deal, guys.

On behalf of Opus and Myopusradio, I’d like to congratulate all of you on this massive milestone. We wish you all the luck in the world. [Read: we know you’re going to be famous and we want a cut]


Anam says 25-Dec-2010

wao!!! these guys are damn nice! one of my friends mentioned i checked them up on youtube! one of the faces seemed very familiar..turns out to be sanam puri!! gosh! i used to listen to him during inter-college fests in DU! You've come a long way sanam!! good job :)

Raj says 24-Sep-2010

Very nice!

Lishkebab says 09-Sep-2010

Go Venks!!!! Nice article Flexi Lexi

Vivek says 03-Sep-2010

As long as this fame and success gets Ma.r Sanam Puri's mind off his jokes. If they can be called jokes. That will be the crowning achievement of this project. :-)

Pragati Ratti says 03-Sep-2010

They are Superstars indeed. These guys have worked really hard and its so good to see them doing such great work! Kroaking Sanam,Wes Zone Winners SQS Times Supastars, Samar, Keshav, Sanam, Venkat Abhishruti, and now we all await their album. All set to conquer it all :) Wishing them all the best :)